Best Plants to Give A New Dimension To Your Bedroom!

Bedroom is the space closest to our hearts. So it’s natural that we would want this space to be decorated with something wholesome and fulfilling! And what can be more suitable for the cosy rooms than the plants! Houseplants are the best options for the indoors – it doesn’t matter whether your room has plenty of light or shade, they thrive in any condition! Not only they add some green in the room, and purify the surrounding as well!


Here is a list of 6 houseplants that add a new dimension to the bedroom. These plants make your bedroom a much better and healthier space – 


Peace Lily


Peace lily or Spathiphyllum is undoubtedly one of the most sought after houseplants. These plants do well in any surrounding, but they grow better in indirect sunlight! This feature makes them a darling among the bedroom plants. The leaves are glossy and deep green in colour, while its spathe shaped flower is white. The green white combination of this plant gives a regal touch in the room and is known to absorb acetone vapours. Peace lily leaves wilt when they feel thirsty, so it becomes easier to track the movement and understand the plant.


English ivy

English ivy (Hedera helix) is a pretty option if your room has a lot of space. While the plant is untamable outside, in the bedroom it can add a flair of beauty if accessorised and tended properly. Put the plant in a hanging planter and see how it adds an accent to the room.The plant grows rapidly, so it is extremely important to use decorating tools to bring out the wilderness of the plant. This plant survives in all the light situations and needs little watering.


Snake Plant


Snake Plant or Sansevieria trifasciata has another very interesting name. Known as Mother-In-Law’s tongue in several places, this houseplant is blessed with the power to convert Carbon-di-oxide into oxygen at night. The leathery, strappy leaves of the plant can survive extreme weather. Like the spathiphyllum, this plant also requires indirect sunlight and a little water. It is always better to have multiple drainage holes in a snake plant planter as the roots do not do well in standing water.


Spider Plant

Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is a great choice to keep the mood of the room light and funky. This plant also looks better in a hanging planter, and is known to have multiple pups in a short span of time. The plant is also known as the airplane plant and it also thrives more under indirect sunlight. While the plant requires minimum to moderate watering, it is extremely easy to propagate. The plant is also popular as gifts.

Golden Pothos


Widely known as money plants in the Indian subcontinent, a pothos is a fighter when it comes to surviving. This plant eradicates bad odour by purifying toxic air. This plant is a creeper and can survive even in a dark atmosphere. The plant has short heart shaped leaves of lush green and they enhance the beauty of a room. The plants are ideal for rooms with moderate lighting. The plant needs to be watered regularly.


Gardenia or Gardenia jasminoides is a variant of the jasmine flower and  makes the room fragrant. The plant produces gorgeous white flowers that diffuse a soothing and sweet aroma and calms the nerves.  These plants are ideal as they relieve the mind and promote sleep. While its maintenance is a bit higher than the usual houseplants, the end result and blossoms are worth the  extra attention. This plant needs bright  indirect light and water twice a week. The soil needs to be kept moist everytime.

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