5 Ways you can keep your indoor plants healthy!

Indoor plants are widely used for decorating the home’s interior. They add beauty to the otherwise mundane rooms. Houseplants are beneficial for our health too! They remove the toxins from the air and help us to breathe better. The indoor plants are essential for our well-being, both physical and mental. As the plants keep us happy and safe and protected (from the toxins), it is our duty to look after them and cater to their needs. Houseplants need extreme care and attention to thrive, unlike the outdoor plants. While some houseplants are low maintenance, most of them require a little extra care to stay alive.

Here are some ways to keep them healthy and alive!


1. The right pot

 A right pot can create a huge impact on the plant. A plant’s condition depends a lot on how the potting method was. Different plants require different methods and pots for their benefits. While fast growing plants would require a big planter, the slow growers can be content in a medium sized one. For big openings in the planters, use pebbles, tissues or pieces of baked clay and then cover them with soil.


2. Picking the correct soil

The soil type varies from one plant to another. Plants mostly find their home on regular potting soil which is a mix of vermiculture, peat moss along with certain basic ingredients. Sometimes organic ingredients are added too, keeping a plant’s necessities in mind. Popular indoor plants like the succulents, cactus and a few herbs need rough coarse ground for a clear drainage and quick water absorption.


3. Sufficient brightness and proper positioning

Indoor plants and their well being depend on the amount of light they get. Depending on the plants, there can be four common light settlements. They are complete shade, light shade, indirect but bright light and direct sunlight. The indoor plants react to the light in their own way – for example , yellow leaves are a marker of low light, on the other hand, brown leaves are signs of excess light.


4. Controlling the temperature

To keep the indoor plants happy and healthy, the gardeners are advised to avoid all the possible heat sources. Extreme cold is harmful for the houseplants, and extreme heat too causes irreparable damage to the plant. While they adorn the window sills with their luscious bright green leaves, it is not advised to keep them on display during hot summer days. Likewise, the winter wind also creates a similar problem to our beloved houseplants.


5. Watering

Most of the indoor plants perish before their prime due to either overwatering, or underwatering! Indoor plants require a little amount of water and some plants even last longer with only watering for two times a week. Always check the soil to see if they are moist or dry before watering. Plants like peace lily or closet plants always alert the gardener when they need water. The leaves droop down and look as if dead, but once a good amount of water is poured, they slowly regain their strength.

For indoor plants, misting also helps as the water cleanses the plant and creates a bearable atmosphere.


These tips are extremely important to keep the plants happy and thriving.

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