7 Ideal Table Top Plants to Calm Your Mind at Office

Office means workload and assignments. The work pressure often leads to stress and anxiety. In such a situation it is important to have a plant around. According to a 2014 study, plants help boost productivity, calm the mind and help employees concentrate better. Keeping a plant in the workspace can keep fatigue and stress away. The indoor plants also help to purify the air, making office space healthy and full of energy.


Here are 7 must-have plants to make your office desk impactful!

1. Rubber plant

A well lit workspace and a good routine of planting can pave the way for the rubber plant in the workspace. This plant is ideal for office space and grows tall under the required atmosphere. These plants need to be watered weekly and they love bright windows.


2. Peace Lily

Rightful to its name, this plant truly brings peace and relaxation. This plant also purifies the air by absorbing harmful toxins. A peace lily loves indirect sunlight and well drained moist soil. It has a beautiful appearance which reinforces the sense of calm and tranquillity. Mist this plant occasionally with filtered water to help it live better.


3. Lucky Bamboo

In Feng Shui, this plant is considered extremely lucky and is believed to bring prosperity and good luck. This quality makes this plant a widely loved plant for the office space. This plant is low-maintenance and removes benzene from the air. This plant can survive without soil. The roots need to be dipped in filtered water and they would grow on their own. This plant stays well in indirect sunlight.

lucky bamboo plant 

4. Snake Plant

Snake plant is a tough one when it comes to surviving under extremely low light. Snake plants can withstand irregular watering. Snake plant is an ideal one for a dimly lit office room. The plant has deep green leaves resembling its namesake. This plant is known to grow fast. It would be great to plant them in a large planter so that they don’t feel stuffy once they grow up.

5. Jade Plant

This plant is another important plant in Feng Shui as it is considered a symbol of happiness and luck. This plant absorbs carbon-di-xide and increases humidity in dry areas and promotes healthy sleep at night. The plant needs at least four to five hours of sunlight. Use filtered water for this plant and deep water when the soil is completely dry.

6. Lemongrass

This plant comes with a refreshing fragrance. The aroma is calming and therapeutic. It helps to destress and is widely considered an ideal Widely adored as a culinary herb, this plant also has great medicinal values. If your office desk is near a sunny window, you might consider keeping this beautiful herb with you.

7. Philodendron

This plant is ideal for an extremely active workspace.Philodendrons have large leaves and they produce a great amount of oxygen. This ensures higher brain and body functionality. This tropical plant loves moisture and warmth but cannot stand sunlight. It is advisable to mist the plant twice a month with filtered water.

Looking at some green has some therapeutic effects. It does not matter whether you have a home office or a shared office space – adding a dash of green would change the office space so much!

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