Plants That Will Make You Breathe Better

It might come to you all as a shock, but do you know that the indoor air is typically more polluted than the outdoors? The indoor’s permanent roommates such as upholsteries, furniture, cleaning products tend to emit toxic chemicals, namely, benzene and formaldehyde into the home. These pollutants cause dry cough, sneezing and often trigger certain allergic reactions. And who doesn’t want to keep their personal space healthy! But worry no more, the plant world has a solution for this issue as well! And the solution is called – Houseplants!

The houseplants are the most feasible option when it comes to keep the indoor air less polluted and more breathable. On top of that, they work as good home decoratives!


Here is a list of 5 must-have houseplants that will help you breathe and live better  in your own space!


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera undoubtedly holds the crown for being one of the most reliable medicinal plants. We all know about the healing features of this beautiful plant, but it also helps to clean the air off formaldehyde and benzene which are sourced by certain paints and cleaning products. Having an aloe in your home is a brilliant choice since this plant is low maintenance and very beneficial to our health.


Gerbera Daisy

If you are planning to add a dash of colour in your place along with a feature to lower toxins from the air, then the gerbera is the perfect option for you! This colourful plant filters out benzene found in fabric inks, and trichloroethylene that often comes from dry cleaned goods. Gerbera needs a little love in the form of well drained soil and bright sunlight. Try to place your planter near the windows as they love sunny weather.


Peace Lily

This plant is true to its name as it brings a better atmosphere and soothes the eyes. The plant tops NASA’s list of plants as it actively participates in removing the three most common VOCs-  formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene from the air. The plant needs a little care. It loves indirect light and shade and water once a week. Sometimes, misting also pleases the plant. They look beautiful in jute planters.


Spider Plant

If you happen to be a busy bee and often struggle with taking care of a plant then spider plant is just the one for you! This beautiful plant doesn’t need much care and can mostly grow on its own. It lives better in cool to average temperature with bright but indirect sunlight. This planty eradicates toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene. This plant is also safe for little children and pets so it can easily deserve a place in your home! These plants also grow flowers which turn into baby plants.


If you are looking for a premium air purifier for your home, you can drop the plan! Chrysanthemum is far prettier than any technological gadget. The plants bore flowers and they are colourful. They add an accent in the room.The plant just doesn’t look pretty, it also clears benzene from the air. This plant demands attention and thrives more under indirect but bright sunlight. They need water only when the soil gets dry.As the flowers come in many different colours, you can choose yours keeping your room’s aesthetic in mind. Chrysanthemum is found in two varieties – one, garden variety for outdoors and flower variety for indoors. They look good in white pots as the colour of the flower is brought out impeccably

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