Perfect Outdoor Plants To Oompf Up Your Summer Garden

Summer is intolerable sometimes! The heat and dust make our life miserable. While we cannot simply get rid of the scorching sun, we can definitely find a way to lift our mood and fill our days with colours. Do you know what makes summer a lot more pleasant and colourful? Plants! So here are some must have plants for your outdoor garden to elevate its beauty!



Succulents are the perfect choice for your summer garden if you run short on time! They are gorgeous and most importantly they are the perfect friends for your summer garden. Succulents can survive in extreme heat, and these low maintenance plants love  sunny weather. These plants require a little amount of water and some of them come with beautiful flowers that would enhance the look of your garden. They can be a great option for small outdoor places as well.

One of the best succulents for a warm sunny area would be adenium, also known as desert rose. This plant often resembles a bonsai and is a perfect companion for a summer garden.


Rain lilies

These flowers are also called zephyr lilies or fairy lilies because of their look. This variant of lily takes up little space but can flourish the garden with beautiful bulb shaped flowers. This plant takes little to no care and can grow on its own. The flower comes in three colour variants of white, pink and yellow and can tolerate heat. These plants are ideal in humid areas. 




Periwinkle is also known as “sadabahar” or “nayantara” in the Indian subcontinent. This plant produces white or pink flowers all through the summer. The plant is easy to tend as it also requires minimum effort. Periwinkle can grow into a thick bush in a short time and provide a bunch of beautiful flowers. The plant sometimes attracts ants so it’s important to keep a track and in case they are seen, use neem oil to eradicate them.


Crepe Jasmine


Crepe jasmine is a commonly found gorgeous dense shrub of white flowers. This plant has two flower variants – single petals and double petals. The plant has pinwheel shaped flowers. The single petals look beautiful in a summer garden while the double petal flowers spread a sweet faint smell all around it. The plants live well in well drained moist soil and can withstand heat. 




These vine-like colourful tropical shrubs are quite tolerant of drought. These plants love warm and bright sun and do not need a large amount of water to survive. The bush grows till 4 to 5 feet and once the blooming starts, the plants get covered with beautiful and bright flowers. This plant adds a statement to the walls and the entire garden.



This plant is a native to Asia and has been a favourite option for the Victorian gardens. Bright and colourful in texture, these plants grow quickly. These plants also spread quickly as they self seed themselves. The pretty plant does not only decorate a summer garden, it has medicinal values too. The balsam plant oil is widely used as an anti-allergic and  anti-inflammatory.

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