How to keep the houseplants secure and protected when you are on a vacation

Vacations are important for our souls. While vacations make us feel relaxed, rejuvenated,  they can be a bit problematic for our green friends at home! It is impossible to look after them during a vacation, and there have been many instances of them dying. The loss of your loved ones then ruins your mood! Honestly, this does not have to be the way. The plants might not be able to look after themselves on their own, but you can easily create an environment to survive when you are away!


Before putting the solutions at work, the plant parent has to consider certain aspects:

1. Duration of the trip

A short weekend trip won’t do any harm to the plants, they can survive 2 to 3 days without water. If the trip is of more than a week, then you might have to make certain arrangements to keep the plants safe. The longer you stay away, the more you need to take precautions.

2. The plant type 

The succulents can look after themselves, but vegetables and flower plants need more care. For plants like orchids, it is wise to leave them with a reliable friend.

3. Location of the plant

If the plants stay in sunny areas, then you might need to shift them under the shade. But if the plants love the sun, you need to keep them in such a position where they can get sufficient sun exposure for the day.

4. Material of the pot

While moisture evaporates quickly in traditional terracotta pots, the plastic or ceramic pots retain them longer. So, picking up your planter is really a great deal. The size and shape also determines a plant’s condition.


Watering methods during vacation:

1. Water a little extra

If you’re going for a vacation for 4-5 days, then water your plants a little more than usual so that the soil can retain the moisture. In such cases place the planters under some shade so that the Sun does not dry up the soil completely. This way, the plant can get a source of water for at least 3-4 days.

2. Glass Bottle watering

This easy to set method is not just ideal for people who often go on vacation, but also for people who often miss the chance to water their plants. Get an empty glass bottle with an aluminum cap and fill it up with water. Make 5-6 holes and then push it upside-down to the soil. In this way the plant can determine how much water it needs.

3. Greenhouse with plastic bag

This process is an effective one since it does not waste any water. Place a few sticks in the soil, and then cover them with a plastic bag. Secure the bag with an elastic band. This way, a mini greenhouse would be make and it would be able to capture the evaporating water which will slowly drip down to the soil and keep the plant secure.

5. Wicking

It is an old and reliable method for slow watering. This process helps the soil to retain moisture for at least 3 weeks. Fill a large bowl with water. Now, take a cotton or natural fibre rope and plant one side of it into the soil, and the other side in the bowl. Make sure the rope in the bowl touches the base.

6. Self-watering planters

These planters are also very reliable when it comes to feeding the plants. The planters are available widely in the markets and can make the job much easier.

7. Plant sitter

For the high maintenance plants, it is always advisable to have someone look after them. Before the trip leave your plant to a reliable friend or family member or under any gardener. 


Following these methods ensures the well being of the plants and keeps you stress free!


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