Plants That Are Safe For Pets

Pets and Plants – the most essential factors in many of our lives! Just as we cannot be happy without our four legged companions, living without a green friend is sometimes extremely upsetting. But, some of our green friends can be extremely toxic to our pets. So, here is a list of plants which would be safe for them!



  • Spider plant

This plant is an absolute winner in homes with pets. Not only is it safe for the pets, but also this plant has air purifying qualities that help remove toxins from the atmosphere, making it one of the most sought after plants. 

Spider plants thrive in indirect sunlight and measured watering.


  • Parlor Palm

These plants are widely popular for their elegant appearance for a long period of time. They slow growers, and are ideal for the indoors with at least 4 hours of indirect sunlight. Parlor palms can tolerate lower light. Keep the soil moist and you’ll have your parlor Palm growing with grace.


  • Ponytail Palm

This gorgeous plant is ideal for people who have pets and who often forget to water their plants. Ponytail Palms have a bulbous trunk where they keep the water stored. This plant is beautiful and tolerates bright light. Water this plant once a week and it will be able to survive.


  • Bromeliad

These plants add a dash of colour on your table top. The flowers bloom fast and last up to a few weeks to a few months. The plant prefers moderate shade and indirect light. In winter they do not need much water, but during the other seasons, water them regularly.


  • Calathea

This patterned plant is ideal for a room with low light as this plant prefers partial shade. The leaves of this plant are elegant and heightens the room’s decor. Calatheas are extremely intolerant to the sun as the star burns their leaves. But these plants love a regular watering schedule and ample amount of humidity. Keeping this plant near the humidifiers ensures good growth.


  • Boston fern

This pleasant looking low maintenance plant is ideal for the indoors. These plants love humidity so much that often they are placed near the bathroom to absorb all the humidity.

This plant needs medium indirect light and light watering every two days.


  • Lemongrass

This is a fast-growing grass and is easy to grow. Apart from being pet friendly, it also comes handy to season your food. This plant can tolerate heat and it needs water every alternate day.


  • Basil

Basil is a holy plant in Indian culture. This plant can also be used for its medicinal value. The plant comes in various kinds. It loves bright sun and thrives during rainy season.


  • Rosemary and Thyme

These easy to grow fragrant herbs are essential to certain cuisines. The plants love the sun and can tolerate sun exposure for 6-7 hours. They need regular watering. While these plants help to add taste in food, they are extremely safe for pets.


  • Staghorn fern

This fern got its name because of its resemblance to the stag’s horn. The plant looks best in a hanging basket. The plant should be kept indoors and has to be surrounded by enough moisture. So it is important to keep them around the bathroom.

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