Medicinal properties of these 6 plants will leave you in awe!

We all know that plants are important in our lives. Plants can be used for various reasons. Most of the time people keep plants to produce their own food using the plants. Plants also serve as decoratives in our homes, even many architectural settings use plants as a part of the design to enhance the aesthetics.

But if we go back in time, we would find that plants were mostly used for their medicinal values. Across the culture, plants benefited humankind. Today, we are bringing you the six essential plants that have superb medicinal values. Moreover, these plants are easily available around us so that you can have them in your homes without burning a hole in your pockets!


Holy Basil or Tulsi

This plant is not only a symbol of purity and piety in Hindu religion but also filled with medicinal properties. Indigenous to India, this plant is a mild antihyperglycemic, antimicrobial, expectorant and anti-inflammatory. This plant can be boiled with tea, or can be taken in with honey water for treating cough or cold. This plant is also helpful to diabetes patients. The leaf extract can be used as a balm to treat any kind of insect bites. This plant and its many varieties are easily available and they are easy to handle.


Gingko or Maidenhair 

Native to China, gingko is one of the oldest herbs to be used for ailment. Tablets and capsules are made from its leaves. The leaves can be boiled with tea to boost brain function. This plant is said to be beneficial for dementia patients. This plant is also important for calming down the nerves. 



Chamomile is filled with medicinal benefits. The plant has been used for ages to create medicines.This aromatic plant functions as an anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic,a digestive and de-stressing nervine. The leaves can be boiled with tea to cure minor digestive issues. Apart from the medicines, the plant is also used to create many herbal body care products.Spring is an ideal time to plant the seeds. The plant prefers partial shade to full sun.



Lavender is aromatic and is widely loved across the planet. This beautiful plant is known for having analgesic (pain relieving), antidepressant, antifungal, antioxidant, antiviral properties and medical science uses the plant a lot. Lavenders are available in many varieties, but English lavenders are preferred more over the others. The plant loves full sun and a well drained soil. In case of extreme heat, provide them a partial shade.



These bright yellow and orange flowers are also known as French pot marigold. The flower is filled with anti-inflammatory substances that help our body to heal. It also cleanses the liver. The plant also provides relief for stomach issues such as gastric ulcer, peptic ulcer, colitis. Calendula also has antispasmodic, antiseptic and detoxifying properties. The plant is mainly harvested in the Indian winter since it cannot thrive in extreme weather conditions. 


Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is extremely handy as a topical anti-inflammatory treatment. The aloe leaves are filled with gel that contains most of the beneficial bioactive compounds.The aloe vera has been used for ages for its healing and skin softening properties. The plant also helps other plants to grow as a rooting agent. Aloe veras are widely available and require little to no care. The plant thrives on its own, sometimes a little grooming is needed  for this plant since it can easily become a home to many tiny shrubs.

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