How to keep your succulents happy? Here are 6 most important tips!

Succulents are little wonders in tiny planters! Succulents add a dash of freshness in the rooms and elevate the mood.The plants come with thick fleshy leaves for water storage, so they are low maintenance and demand less attention. But still, there are certain things that need to be checked to keep the fleshy babies healthy, happy and thriving.


There are many ways to take care of them, but it is not possible to follow all of them. So, we have selected the essential steps for you! Here you go –


  • Picking the right succulents:

The problem is half solved when you pick the right plant for your place. Before getting a new plant, do not prioritise what you like in your home, always consider which plants make your home, theirs.

Succulents usually prefer full sun, and can survive hot dry weather since they can retain water themselves. In Indian weather, they can grow both indoors and outdoors.

Best succulents for Indian climate would be – Agave, Haworthia, Echeveria, Jade, Sedum and Adenium.

  • Pot size:

Succulents root faster but they have shallow roots. So it is completely alright if you pick a small planter, they will thrive in it. Make sure the pot has a drainage hole no matter how small it is. While repotting the succulents, make sure your pot is just one size bigger than the previous pot.

  • Soil:

Succulents need a good dry soil that can retain water for a good amount of time. Mix your cactus soil, and make sure not to use any other soil for the succulents, with some perlite and fill the pot with it. Make sure the soil is capable of drainage. For their growth, they can be fed fertilisers once every six to seven months.

  • Watering:

Succulents do not require much water or daily watering since the leaves are capable of retaining water. But interestingly, most of the succulent fails have shown that they die due to overwatering rather than underwatering.

If you happen to live in a humid area, make sure to water according to the weather. Since overwatering would lead to the rotting of the leaves and ultimately they die.

So because of that, water the succulents only when the soil is completely dried up. To check the dryness, you can use a wooden stick to poke through the soil. If it comes out dry, that means it is the time to water, if the soil sticks to it, wait for a few days.

  • Cleaning:

Succulents need proper grooming in order to stay safe. The plants tend to accumulate dust, so it is necessary to to wipe the dust off with a wet soft towel. Decoratives such as pebbles, figurines also tend to get dusty over time. They need to be cleaned regularly.

  • Pets attacks and precautions:

The succulents are usually pest free. But sometimes mealybugs and spider mites can infest the plants. It is advisable to keep a track of their activities and in case they are found, they can be picked with a blund wooden toothpick or sprayed with some neem oil.


Succulents are mostly low maintenance plants, so if you follow these steps, they can thrive and make your garden gorgeous.

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